We wish to note that the SW Regional Coordination of DC is significantly monitoring the sociopolitical situation in the SOuth West Region with specific focus on the humanitarian situation and responding adequately. We have recently noted a wide call for lockdown from the 15th of September to 2nd September 2021. Four Non State Armed Group (NSAG) members have been convicted in connection to the killing of 7 school children (ages between 11 and 13 years) at the Mother Francisca International  School on Saturday 24th October 2020. Also the celebration of the supposed independence of the self proclaimed Southern Cameroon "Ambazonia" comes up on the 1 of October 2021 and it is supposed that the lock-down is in connection to these two events aforementioned.

DC South West Region is actively monitoring the decentralization process as well as the public investment budget 2019 and 2020 across 5 council areas specifically within the Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Youth and Civic Education.